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Multi-tasking can feel like an addiction. We live in a fast-paced, technologically fuelled society. The average American checks social media 17 times a day. Staggered at that number? It's small compared to an impressive daily average of 40 times for smartphone users in Thailand, Argentina, Mexico and South Africa.

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Professor Robert Winston singled out the outstanding work of female scientists on a recent visit to all-girls Heathfield in Ascot, Berkshire.

The world-renowned fertility expert spoke to a packed audience of girls, parents and staff at Heathfield School about his work and thoughts on genetics and answered questions from girls on his life and career and gave his thoughts on recent advances in genetics.

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The due diligence process that funds now face is evolving. Traditionally a fund would feel that it had covered all bases by providing a one-page summary of performance; a pitchbook (usually a PowerPoint presentation) that describes the firm, its investment strategy, principals, performance and terms of the investment; offering memorandum; subscription documents; and a due diligence questionnaire(DDQ). Investors have become more IT savvy and now funds can expect to be quizzed on technology infrastructure and IT security.

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